Ulyanovsk Region is located in the Middle Volga in the picturesque hills of the Volga. Its capital - Ulyanovsk, in the past - Simbirsk.

Today Ulyanovsk - a modern developing city that successfully combines intensive industrial development with rich cultural and historical heritage. The main directions of tourism in the region - cultural, educational, health, environmental, ethnographic, event, active, business.

One of the names of the city: "Ulyanovsk - Aviation Capital", because here has the largest Russian aerospace complex "Aviastar" Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School. In 2011, the first Russian Ulyanovsk city was awarded the title of "Cultural Capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States."

But most of all, this city is known worldwide under the brand "Ulyanovsk - the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin." It is here that was born an extraordinary man, forever changed the course of history, not only in Russia but also worldwide. Thanks to its name in the Soviet era Ulyanovsk region was a true "tourist mecca" for everyone worship the memory of the Great Leader. The most important legacy of those years was the museum and architectural monument of the Soviet era - Memorial Centre, which to this day retained a unique exhibition that tells not only about the history of the formation of the communist idea, but showing the history of the world throughout the 20th century. Today, the region developed the project of reconstruction of Lenin's complex to build on its base of the world's only Museum of the USSR, where the Soviet era will be presented in all its manifestations - from a scientific basis to the peculiarities of life and culture.

In Ulyanovsk (then - Simbirsk) Vladimir Ulyanov spent his childhood and adolescence. In 1878, the director of public schools Simbirsk province Ilya Ulyanov and his wife Maria Alexandrovna bought the first house in Simbirsk. Boy Vladimir Ulyanov visited Simbirsk classical gymnasium. 17-year-old boy Volodia left of Simbirsk. Much has changed since then, but here in Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk everything remained the same - the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin, house-museum of Lenin Street, the building of Simbirsk classical gymnasium. In the center of the city stands the most magnificent structure - Lenin memorial, symbolizing the role of personality of Vladimir Lenin in the historical events of the last century.

The house where V.I. Lenin was born


Monument to Lenin

The museum "Simbirsk classical gymnasium"

Bar "Shipr"