The development of red tourism

«In China, tens of millions of middle-aged and older increased by Soviet literature and movies. Each of them wants to visit Russia and see the legacy of the Soviet Union with his own eyes. For them, the "red tourism" very interesting »
Deputy Chief GUT China Zhu Shanchzhun (2009)

The purposeful development of the tourism industry in China started in the late 1990s. And in 2004, China began to operate the "National program for the development of red tourism 2004-2010.". The program described more than 100 objects of the former revolutionary movement in China, which formed the basis for the development of routes 30 "red" tourism.

The concept of "red" tourism involves traveling to places "military glory of the country" - visit the old revolutionary base areas, native place of eminent persons of the revolutionary movement and places where there was an important event in the history of the Chinese revolution.

Gradually the "red" tour became one of the main directions of domestic tourism in China. Every year these routes continue to cover the new province of China. Direction becomes fashionable not only among the older generation, but also among young people. Travel to places of military glory acquires souvenir production, tourists gladly hit the road in historical clothes - tunics and green caps with red stars. Uniforms become a national feature of China - it is considered beautiful, stylish and consistent with the spirit of these places.

Today, the event "red" tourism often include a theatrical show with laser effects, guest artists, dozens of horses, and boats. About revolution can tell so: exciting, spectacular and simply beautiful.

There are a lot of museums dedicated places "revolutionary" fame. Multimedia materials, sculptural monuments, telegrams, photographs, autographs, various graphs and historical objects that tell about historical events in Chinese history. One important feature of the "red" tourism - the use of modern multimedia technologies in museums.

Tourists traveling as a group, and independently, sometimes alongside based reenactors, and always - shops "red" souvenirs. Interestingly, the group organized by trade unions, schools, universities account for half of the visitors, the other half - Natural tourists who singly and in groups come here themselves, drawn interest. On many of the personalities of those times, including the founding fathers, told in contemporary Chinese art. They represent memories of injustice, need, but an incredible rise of the spirit against the backdrop of the struggle against the Kuomintang and the colonizers.

"Red" begin to draw routes and European travelers. According to statistics from the State Administration of Tourism of China, in 2012, came to China more than 57 million visitors (up 0.3%), of which more than 2.5 million Russians. Objects "red tourism" is gaining more than 700 million visits a year, which brings huge economic benefits. One of the interesting features: the growing interest in China in Russia is growing significantly and reverse figure - more and more Chinese are coming home of the leader of the world revolution. The number of Chinese tourists visited Russia in 2012, was 869,000.

Today, China is close to that to take a leading role in the international tourism market as the exporting country tourists. Over the past two decades, the proportion of the population, international travelers increased by thousandths of a percent in the early 1980s. to 2.7% in 2006. At the same time the world's largest country in terms of population (1.3 billion. pers.) is a huge potential for development of outbound tourism.

Currently, 41% of Chinese travelers to travel abroad to acquire new knowledge and memories. An important role in this is traditional for Chinese attitude to travel as a form of education and self-development. An ancient Chinese proverb says: "Read ten thousand books and go ten thousand miles."

For the Russian consciousness "red" theme - is, first of all, the images of the USSR and Lenin. That figure represents the leader of world proletariat movement of world communist forces, which originated in Russia. Development direction of "red" tourism is impossible without a visit to key cities in the history of the person of Vladimir Lenin - Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the capital of the "Red Route" - Ulyanovsk.

On domestic routes China tourists get acquainted with only part of the "red" page of world history, and its beginning is here.

Welcome to the "Red Route" in Russia!