History of the project «Red Route»

The development of "red" tourism was declared a priority in the tourism sector of the PRC in 2004 year. Revolutionary historical places have become centers of "red tourism" in order to foster patriotism, strengthen national unity and promote economic development in old revolutionary areas. This "initiative from the top" has found the response and support of the Chinese patriots. Gradually, the "red" tour became one of the main directions of domestic tourism in China. Objects "red tourism" is gaining more than 700 million visits a year that brings good economic effect.

For the development of tourism in China, as well as for the promotion of tourism in Russia, an it is necessary to expand the boundaries and routes "red" tourism, as on domestic routes in China, tourists get acquainted with only part of the story, but the beginning of the "red" Chinese history is here - homeland V.I. Lenin. This is what says the head of the State Administration of Tourism Shao Tsivey China, visited Ulyanovsk in November 2013 - the year of the Chinese tourism in Russia.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin "on youth exchanges between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic in 2014-2015" the Government of the Ulyanovsk region developed a project of cultural grand tour "Red Route".

Over the years 2013-2014 the project "Red Route" was presented at the Tourism Exhibition "ITM-2013", which was visited by Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, at the International Tourism Exhibition «Beijing International Tourism Expo 2014" in Beijing, as well Also on the first "Russian-Chinese Expo" Harbin "in the international tourism exhibition CITM - 2014.

The project "Red route" is also entered in the list of priority activities of the humanitarian sphere through the Joint Working Group on Cooperation in economic and humanitarian fields of the Volga Federal District, and the Upper, middle reaches of the Yangtze River of China.

In September 2014 in Ulyanovsk paid a visit to Vice Premier Wu Yi Liu Yandong, who visited the presentation of the "Red Route" in Lenin memorial and participated in the opening ceremony of the symbolic "opening" of the "Red Route" on the map of Russia and China. In addition, Liu Yandong also noted that the red route "will be a key component of future Russian-Chinese cooperation.

In October 2014 in Moscow at the Chinese Embassy in Russia held a presentation of the investment potential of the Ulyanovsk region, one of the main activities of which was the presentation of the "red route".

In 2014, the grand tour "Red Route" traveled more than 500 Chinese and Russian tourists, including the delegation in the Year of youth exchanges between Russia and China, have received tremendous positive impression of the program. The project of cultural and tourist grand tour "Red Route" in 2014 has been highly noted in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and is included in the action plan to implement the strategy of tourism development in Russia until 2020.

In October 2014 the project "Red Route" was declared to participate in the All-Russian competition of projects "for achievements in the creation and development of tourist routes" in the All-Russia Tourism Award "Route of the year." In the contest "Red Route" won the highest award - the Grand Prix in the nomination.