Red Route

The project "Red Route" is a cultural and educational eight grand tour with a visit to the "three capitals" of Russia and the homeland of Lenin on the route Moscow - Ulyanovsk - Kazan - St. Petersburg.

"Red Route" gives an opportunity to attract more foreign tourists as part of cultural tourism in the city route, which contributes to the popularization of the world's largest museum collection dedicated to the person and work of V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin, maintaining a high prestige of Russian culture abroad and expansion of international cooperation in the sphere of culture and tourism.

During the grand tour "Red Route" tourists from China visited "two capitals" of Russia and Vladimir Lenin's homeland, will be able to see the modern Russian and learn what the Soviet Union is it, to touch the rich cultural heritage, experience the flavor of Russian life, as well as the most important thing - to pass by Lenin and tie a red tie in the ceremonial hall of the Lenin memorial.

A special feature of the "Red Route" is a unique reverse logistics movement of tourist groups between the cities of Moscow - Ulyanovsk - Kazan - St. Petersburg. Grand Tour to is designed program reached the maximum number of tourist interest in the four cities.

In addition, the main criterion for product development has been the thesis that "three in one" by which tourists together with the classical cultural and educational routes, including Moscow and St. Petersburg - the world's two largest cultural center, so beloved today Chinese tourists and themed "Red Route "- unique places of birth, education, and political path of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin offers powerful recreational potential of Russia - the most beautiful places of the Volga region, the immediacy of the forest near Moscow, diversity and the greatness and beauty of the Leningrad region.

The aim of the project - the further development and strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations, expansion of cooperation in the field of culture and tourism, as well as further acquaintance Chinese citizens with Russia. The concept of the "Red Route" upon the measures to strengthen the social foundation of Sino-Russian friendship, humanitarian contacts, enhance mutual trust and forming strong social basis of intergovernmental cooperation.

The tour program